Lights, camera, sell a holiday! Google's research into online travel buying

Google’s travel team in the United States has just posted a recording of their travel research webinar from earlier this month. YouTube: Research Road Trip: A Traveler’s Road to Decision. The sound quality is terrible: it sounds as if contractors are working overhead. But there are nuggets for anyone interested in online travel buying behaviour across the pond. We can hardly be surprised online video is gaining influence with 15%  using video as part of their trip planning process, mostly via YouTube. Interestingly, consumers trust both professional and user content with “videos made by people like me” rating 59% on the trustworthiness scale compared to 47% for professional clips uploaded by travel firms. Google travel’s recommendation is to think about adding video to your efforts. Mine is more specific: set up a channel on YouTube, populate it with good quality video and establish programmes with suitable awards to encourage customers to upload their own. And by the way, it’s not just about sealing sales: customers are still gleaning information/inspiration even after they have booked their holiday.

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