Vanessa Fox and the importance of anchor text

In a conversation about Google Webmaster Tools with Lee Odden from TopRank, ex-Googler Vanessa Fox once again mentions the importance of anchor text. She points out that having keywords within anchor text linking back to you can make a huge difference to your ranking.
Incidentally, that’s why – in my last post – I made the words Firefox Unresponsive Script problem the link to Vlad’s solution to help anyone looking for that phrase. I’ll check how it’s doing on Google in a day or two.

UPDATE: Sorry if this post has appeared more than once. I have been trying out various WordPress meta tag plugins on client blogs recently. This evening, I had a look at the code on Vanessa Fox’s blog and noticed she used this Add-Meta-Tag plugin – which ought to be something of an endorsement, so I have now installed it here to see how well it works.

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