A multimedia approach to new PR

by Neil MacLean

In his post about new PR practices, Robert Scoble says the new PR is about “creating visually-rich experiences”. I completely agree.
Recently some clients hosted a welcome party for the Singing Children of Africa who were touring Scotland to raise funds for their school and orphanage in Kenya.
We talked to the media and as a result there was a television feature in the evening news with a slideshow to come in a national newspaper.

However, you can’t leave these things to chance and as part of our coverage of the event we shot our own video to distribute to other new organisations, for the hotel’s website, the charity’s website and for the local council. Needless to say, it can also now be found on video sharing sites, including YouTube.
There was a delicate balance to be found between promoting the client and making a more universally useful piece. I would really like to know what you think of it as part of a new-style PR package.

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