The blogosphere is all a Twitter

by Neil MacLean

Confession time. I have been playing away. Unfaithful to my blog. Dillying and dallying with Twitter. For anybody who doesn’t know Twitter is the bastard love child of IM and blogging, a web service which encourages you to post what you are doing right then and there, for broadcast to the world or just to your closest friends.
It’s addictive and fun and, though you probably think I am just trying to get down with the cool kids, I can see a lot of use for this sort of thing in the travel world.
If I was a tour operator running safaris, for example, I would get my top tour guide to Twitter and I would carry the updates live on the web site.
Can you imagine?
“We have just seen two impala by the water hole”
“We are stopping down wind of the elephant herd; we’ve heard there’s a rogue male in the vicinity”
“Oops, three of our guests have just been trampled”
Fantastic. A great way to convey an immediate and compelling impression of what you do for prospective customers.

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